EXCITING NEWS: We are excited to announce the addition of three new rooms located on the ‘Remarkables’ side of the hotel. Due for completion in August 2018, the hotel will be closed from 23 April to 1 July for construction works. When we re-open our Gondola rooms on the 1st of July, we will be working very hard to minimise any disturbances for guests and room rates during July and August 2018 reflect that there may be minor interruptions during this period. Additionally to acknowledge guest support during our time of expansion, all rates will include complimentary breakfast daily.


3rd April 2016

Our Duty Manager, Paula is pictured here on a trip last week with the Dart River Funyaks and Wilderness Jet. On this trip Paula and her fiancé, experienced not only the heart-stopping excitement of jet boating through shallow waters into the Te Waipounamu World Heritage area, but breathtaking scenery through hidden streams, rock pools and dramatic chasms —everything that makes New Zealand the special destination it is. Dart River Jet Safaris are the only company running operations on the Dart River and offer the longest and most remarkable jet boat adventure in Queenstown and its surrounds.